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Wow! This master course!!! I always felt a calling to mediumship but was never sure where i should start or what I should do, then Kim came into my life and I took the free masterclass which was great after that I knew I needed to take the 1 on 1 course! I wasn't sure what to expect or how it would all unfold. I was very nervous going into my one on one class with Kim because of all the self doubt I have created over the years. Within minutes, we were down to business. Within the first hour I felt my confidence expanding and the self doubt disappearing. Kim's guidance/teaching was exceptional, her programs framework was perfect. Truly 1 days of working with Kim, I went from someone with a lot of self doubt/ borderline thinking I might be crazy to a confident Medium. She not only shows you and teaches you what mediumship truly is, but also how to ease into your "new" life. I highly recommend anyone who has ever had a interest or a nudge to tap into mediumship, whether it be for profressional or personal growth to experience one of Kim's courses, it was one of my best self investments that changed my life for the better.

Christa B.


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My gratitude for guidance from yourself and other souls I have connected to are helping greatly (at first as confirmation I wasn't losing my mind! I am so grateful for the guidance and teachings from souls like yourself Kim. Thank you

Joanna M

Scottland UK

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