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I began my career as a psychic medium in 2006 in France.

As a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient my flashes appear in images and sounds, and physical feelings that I use as my sole supports to describe places, people, and in particular, numbers; skills I have used effectively with companies, traders, as well as private individuals.

I have developed a reputation nationally and internationally through numerous TV shows, often live, for example, in France by appearing on Vivolta, IDF1, Astrocenter TV or Cstar (D17), and in Belgium on AB3 and RTL9 in Switzerland.

American authorities have recognized me as a medium with Extraordinary talents since 17/10/18.

My expertise today is to predict the unpredictable such as the rise and drop of everyday life, consumer products, and the stock exchange, but also helping people who have an overwhelming spiritual gift to control it take back control of their life

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